How to maintain the efficiency of the milling plant thanks to Omas solutions


From plant engineering, to machine design, to remote customer service.

Our goal is to support technologists and millers, key figures of the milling industry, providing efficient systems that improve and simplify the daily work, ensuring at any time high performance of the plant. How do we do it? There are three pillars on which the 360 % reliability of Omas rests.

In the first place we find the engineering design: after understanding the customer’s requests for its mill, we study how to optimize the existing spaces to better adapt them to the new project or in the case of green field we study how to make the new plant innovative and efficient. It is not only a matter of design, but of real consultancy during the whole construction process up to the testing of the plant. Innovations such as economy in building layout also reduce costs and construction time, eliminating the motorization plan. This significantly reduces operating costs.

In the second phase we find the material application of the Flexy Mill concept which is realized mainly through the use of direct motorization on the mill.

  •  it allows grinding to be adapted to different types of cereals/legumes, without affecting the yield and quality of the final product, for maximum production flexibility;
  • improves the energy efficiency of the mill, resulting in significant energy savings;
  • increases safety for operators;
  • reduces downtime and drastically reduces maintenance.

The Flexy Mill philosophy is applied not only to the grinding section, but for example, also in the cleaning phase, through the DST- Dry Scrubbing Technology. This system improves the second grain cleaning phase, improving the hygienic conditions of the plant, reducing the rest time of the grain and increasing the yield of the finished product.

To close the virtuous process of engineering and mechanical design, we find a remote assistance service accurate and timely.

Thanks to the use of augmented reality and the direct connection of our technicians with the PLC of the machine or with the SCADA plant Omas can reduce the displacement of technicians on site, becoming more sustainable both economically and environmentally. Moreover, thanks to the real time connection, the intervention times are considerably reduced. The solutions offered by Omas are:

OTS – Omas Teleservice: allows a remote connection with the PLC or with the SCADA system. In real time, Omas technicians identify the different alarm signals to identify the possible cause of the problem and ensure a timely solution.

OTYE – Omas Through Your Eyes: Through the Omas app the operator can contact the Omas technician directly. With the camera of the tablet or smartphone, the operator frames the problem and is guided in the timely resolution.

OTYE+ – OTYE – Omas Through Your Eyes +: it is the evolution of OTYE, which predict the use of smartglasses: In this way the operator has his hands free and can operate safely.

Wants to know more about this new service? Watch the video and contact us. We will be happy to give you more information. 

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