Safety in milling plants: from system design to the production of machinery

The safety of the machinery in a milling plant is regulated by a series of national and international standards.

To date, however, there are still numerous more or less serious accidents, due to distraction or to failure to abide by rules or situations where it is difficult to access equipment.

This is why careful design of spaces is necessary to meet the needs arising from machining processes and access to machinery, which should always be simple and easy, above all with regard to potential maintenance interventions.

Sometimes it’s enough for the plant designer to work with the client on some small but important details. For example, it is important to include the installation of hooks to position hoisting equipment and walkways with suitable protection and stairs.

Special attention should be paid in the event that noise levels exceed the thresholds tolerated by standards. In this case too design can play an important role: noisy machinery such as compressors can be placed in a single room that will be closed and soundproofed and which may only be entered with the specific protection, e.g., headset.

To solve this problem it is also possible to intervene during the design stages and to make machinery that will then be installed in the milling plant.

Designing machines with structural and material characteristics able to reduce noise, can make the areas in which they are installed safer.

Omas, for example, makes the plansifter Galileo with sides in stainless steel, 25 mm thick with inside insulation that as well as eliminating condensation will also insulate against noise.

The new Leonardo rolling mill, has no transmission systems and since the traditional motors have been replaced by torque models, noise levels have been drastically reduced. All previously accessible moving elements on the machine have also been removed.

And to conclude, it is important to increase safety levels and an important contribution to this could come from the design of different spaces and the production of machinery complete with new safety systems.


Orazio Gobbo Regional Sales Manager
Orazio Gobbo
Regional Sales Manager