Omas Flour Extraction Booster

Dante Flour Extraction Booster is an innovative wheat cleaning process developed by Omas that brings three benefits to the new or existing milling plant.

The first benefit is an increase in flour yield of up to 1%. Thanks to the DST – Dry Scrubbing Technology, the forced ventilation action is combined with the abrasion of the surface of the dry wheat. The drastic removal of the content of surface minerals allows to increase by 1% the extraction of flour in the milling phase, with equal ash content.

The second benefit is a greater purification of wheat: DST removes between 60% and 85% of organic weeds (bacteria, mould, fungi) and 50% of mycotoxins, including Deoxyovalenol – DON. The cleaning before adding water avoids the bacterial proliferation inside the conditioning silos, improving the hygiene of flour and bran.

The third benefit is faster, deeper and homogeneous water absorption. Wheat treated with DST retains more H20 during the milling phase, reduces and makes constant the level of evaporation and allows to obtain the same final humidity of flour with a saving of 1% of the amount of H20 of conditioning.

The rest time can be achieved in a single stage and reduced by 25%.

Finally, our grinding experiences with DST technology confirms a change of smell inside entire mill:  a sense of cleanliness is perceived due to the constant reduction of mould, yeasts and bacteria that infest silos and proliferate in conditioning water. This is because the water penetrates deeply, avoiding the creation of a moist environment, conducive to mould and bacteria.

The entire plant benefits in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and extraction.

Below we compare a plant without DST technology and a plant using this technology.

TRADITIONAL MILL: Tempering takes place before cleaning.


FLOUR EXTRACTION BOOSTER: The DST technology acts on the dry grain before wetting. This has many advantages, including reduced wetting times, increased flour extraction and improved hygiene of the entire mill.

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